The links on this page are to other sites that focus on astronomy education or astronomy research or service to the amateur or professional astronomy community. – Keeping you up to date with all of the missions being undertaken by NASA. – Why not check out NASA TV, – broadcasting live transmissions from the International Space Station (ISS) – A fellow Astronomer with a great site. I wholeheartedly agree with what Mark has written as a prologue to this brilliant site. – Caradon observatory based in Cornwall run by Ken Bennett. – An accurate “real time” weather forecast for your area. – A website for all things related to our amazing star, the sun. – The Royal Astronomical Societies website for the advancement of Astronomy and Geophysics. – An informative site by Tom Field if you want to know more about the light spectrum. – Website for the British Astronomical Society, a voice for amateur astronomy in the UK. – Live internet radio programs for all things science and astronomy. – A great Astronomy site from one of my colleagues Jaspal. – A site encouraging families to star gaze in their back gardens. – A free real time sky map where navigating your way around the night sky is made easy. – A site for the more experienced astronomer listing all deep sky objects and their positions. – A site for novice astronomers to get started in astronomy ( A must read ) – A site full of tutorials by David Fuller.

Suppliers of Astronomical equipment based in the UK

The Tolcarn Observatory is in no way affiliated to the supplier sites listed below, however We have purchased various items from them, and found their service to be second to none. – Ians site for all things CCD imaging and telescopes. Great customer service. – This company provides Wireless Rural broadband WiBE connection that is amazingly fast and does not cost the earth. I cannot recommend this product enough. – Bernards site for all things astronomy. – Great site for the purchases of spectrometers, great customer service. – Based in Manchester for all things astronomy.


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