Tolcarn Astronomy Group


Tolcarn Astronomy Group is run by Kim Mackintosh F.R.A.S.

The aims of the Group are to:-

  • promote the enjoyment of astronomy and closely related branches of science
  • make astronomy accessible to all, regardless of knowledge or background
  • encourage those with an interest to do so, to develop their knowledge and practical skills
  • provide a relaxed environment in which members can share their knowledge

Our plan initially is to hold regular meetings two Saturday evenings per month. We hope this will make it easier for members who work or are in education to attend the late evening observing sessions.
Group meetings will be held at the Tolcarn Research and Educational Observatory classroom with full access to the Observatory facilities and equipment.
Our regular meetings will typically include a presentation; presentations will cover a range of astronomical subjects and will occasionally be provided by a special guest speaker. This will be followed by an overview of what can be viewed that night and, (weather permitting!), a practical hands on observing session taking full advantage of the Observatory’s equipment and stunning position under non light-polluted skies.
As well as the regular bi-monthly meetings, additional sessions will be planned to incorporate extraordinary events such as meteor showers, transits and comet passes etc.
Trips to other events and places of astronomical interest will also be arranged throughout the year. For those more adventurous members who are not adverse to a tent and a sleeping bag, Star Parties both here at Tolcarn and further afield will be events to look forward to.