Tolcarn Observatory Cornwall Tolcarn Observatory
Looking up in awe
Entrance to Tolcarn Observatory

Entrance to the observatory

Teachers' Notes

The Tolcarn observatory is situated in a very remote area with narrow roads leading to the site. Visitor safety is our top priority.

The observatory complex has been built with the environment in mind, we have taken the utmost care during the build to make sure the observatory complex “blends in” with its surroundings.

By the nature of the observatories location, there are several house rules that are not flexible in anyway during visits, these are as follows:

The site is NOT accessible to large coaches. We recommend mini buses.

Whilst on the site there is to be no running, especially when carrying observatory equipment.

Throughout the site there are large metal gates, they are to remain closed at all times as there is livestock in the surrounding fields.

The observatory is on the “lip” of a valley, with a cottage about 250 meters away, so all noise must be kept to a minimum.

There are out of bounds areas on the site which will be explained in more detail on the visitor introductory briefing which will take place in the observatory classroom before any activities start.

The entire site is covered by security CCTV cameras that are in operation 24/7 this also includes the main observatory and the 2 domes.

Photographs will be taken throughout visits to the complex to post on the observatory website and blog. Any visitors that do not wish to be photographed must be identified to the observatory BEFORE the visit. It will be any outside agencies responsibility to ensure the relevant individuals are identified in some way during the visit to ensure this does not happen.