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About the Tolcarn Observatory

Our equipment here at the observatory consists of 2 domes and a 12x20 foot "rolloff" roof observatory.

Dome 1 Is the solar dynamics observatory, housing an NEQ6 pro goto mount with dual mounted Hydrogen-alpha solar scopes. (PST and SolarmaxII 60 double stacked with richview)


Dome 2 houses the Meade LX 90, 12 inch SCT telescope. piggy back mounted 80mm triplet apo astrograph refractor.


Main roll off roof observatory houses the Meade LX 200, 14 inch SCT telescope piggy backed 60mm quadruplet astrograph refractor.

Main Observatory Tolcarn

The Observatory Team

Grant Mackintosh Tolcarn Observatory
Grant Mackintosh F.R.A.S. -
Observatory Director
Kim Mackintosh Tolcarn Observatory
Kim Mackintosh F.R.A.S. -
Assistant Director/
Chair Tolcarn
Astronomy Group
Jasper Tolcarn Observatory
Jasper -
Head of Security

Imaging section

Canon EOS 600D, Opticstar PX75C coolair colour ccd, Opticstar SL131C colour coolair ccd, 2x QHY5 guide cameras, SBIG STT 8300 ccd with fitted filterwheel containing filters L,R,G,B,H-alpha,OIII,SII.

Shelyak Lhires III Spectrograph.

Additional telescope mounts for field trips include an NEQ6 Pro goto mount, and an EQ5 goto mount.


We also have a purpose built classroom that can accommodate 30 people.

ROR warm room