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We had a great time at the "Big Bang" science fair at Exeter University - see the photos on our BLOG

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Tolcarn Observatory is an established centre in Cornwall for education, observation and research. Our mission is to make astronomy accessible to all, through links with schools and through the Tolcarn Astronomy Group, while at the same time being a serious and accredited research facility. Director Grant Mackintosh is an experienced astronomer, specialising in spectroscopy. His photographs have featured in the BBC's 'The Sky at Night' and 'Stargazing Live'.

We have a number of telescopes housed in 2 domes and in our "rolloff" roof observatory. Our largest telescope is the Meade LX 200, 14 inch SCT. We have excellent facilities for photography and live streaming.

The Pelican Nebula

© copyright Paul Hughes

The Horsehead Nebula

© copyright Paul Hughes

The Moon

© copyright Karl Stephen

M13: The Great Globular Cluster in Hercules

© copyright Grant Mackintosh

The Andromeda Galaxy

© copyright Grant Mackintosh

Images of Mars taken a week apart to show rotation.

© Grant Mackintosh

M51: The Whirlpool Galaxy

© copyright Paul Hughes

The Milky Way

© Grant Mackintosh.

Tolcarn at Dusk.

© Kim Mackintosh

We will be collaborating with local and country wide astronomy groups and societies to promote astronomy throughout the country.

The Tolcarn observatory will mainly be conducting research into exoplanets..

Cornwall Tolcarn Observatory near St Austell

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